Reiki is a therapy, which originated in India around five thousand years ago and was developed into its current form in Japan in 1922 by Buddhist Mikao Usui. The treatment is now used worldwide by many people. Reiki practitioners conduct and channel universal energy, which encourages emotional and physical healing. This energy has different names according to various beliefs and depending on where you live eg prana; prayer; chi; mana; nyama; aura; chu'lel; alcheringa; and probably more. 


There is no requirement to believe in this therapy, it will work whether you believe in it, or not. There are plenty of papers written in support of reiki having a basis in science, but I don’t particularly need to read them because I already know that reiki works. Reiki has taught for thousands of years that all matter is energy and all energy can be manipulated and changed. (I believe Einstein is thought to have 'discovered' this same thing, scientifically, one-hundred years ago). 

Reiki should not be used in place of conventional medical treatments, if you are receiving conventional medical treatments, use reiki in alignment with them (although daily reiki will improve your health). There are scientific papers online, which document reiki as being effective when working with: addictions; stress; pain; anxiety; guilt; healing; creativity; spiritual growth; coping; equilibrium; detox; stress, blood pressure and much more.

If you require reiki treatments, then I will use it upon request as part of your massage. Clients can also have: reiki, massage and hypnotherapy together. Reiki, I believe can calibrate your life, thoughts, outlook, spirituality, physical and mental health. Massage can lend itself to the body healing itself and hypnotherapy to healing the mind and it is very deeply relaxing and all three, in my opinion are a power-house resource by which you can regenerate your life.

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