Hypnotherapy is a talking therapy involving hypnosis which focuses on imagination and subconscious to manifest positive change in thought, feelings and behaviour. The client will decide on the desired changes they want to see before the hypnotherapy session begins.


A precise description of required outcomes from the hypnotherapy session can be written out by the client and emailed to thehealingroom06@gmail.com and I will work on a detailed plan for our meeting.

Hypnotherapy often focuses on a single issue and works with the subconscious mind. This doesn't carry any risk of losing control or mean the subject can be manipulated to do or think things they don't want to. At all times, when in a state of hypnosis the client will remain in control and although very deeply relaxed remain able to do what they want when they want.

Common issues often addressed through hypnotherapy are things such as: achieving goals; pain; stress; smoking cessation; phobias; weight loss; exam stress; or any kind of performance, behavioural or confidence issues. Hypnotherapy, at The Healing Room, is combined with massage to achieve a very deep relaxation state. 


I write all my of own scripts for hypnotherapy sessions (I have a BA (Hons) Publishing degree, therefore I am a professional writer and editor). Usually therapists buy scripts written by other people which results in a one size fits all approach to the reasons for seeking hypnotherapy. I research the condition or problems and then write a bespoke hypnotherapy session for that particular person and obviously deliver the session personally.

On requesting feedback, I've been told I've had a 100% success rate, but not many people write reviews for hypnotherapy, possibly because of the often sensitive reasons for seeking this treatment.

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