Life coaching is helping another person to increase awareness of personal possibilities and taking responsibility to set and achieve attainable goals. The outcomes would be improved performance in life and work. This can include what might seem like very small changes, but the outcomes are relative to the lives we are living and the difference very small changes can sometimes make.


There is an aspect of counselling by helping another person to address underlying issues and improve performance by resolving any conflicting current or past issues, which are acting as roadblocks to success. Hypnotherapy and massage can be used in conjunction with life coaching. 


The situation will involve managing your planning, directing and motivating, encouraging and supporting you on your journey of discovery to reach your objectives. Clients should examine their own beliefs and values and can learn about manifesting their chosen destiny using reiki, if required. 


Life coaching is used for the most humble and simple changes in someone's life and can be personal or employment goals. I have a lot to learn myself in life, but I have an abundance of life experience. That is, life coaching is often sourced from a superior perspective from the coach.  I went into education late in life and graduated with a BA (Hons) Publishing degree.


I came to complementary therapies very late in life while I was very ill with a neurological illness, which was undiagnosed and untreated for six years.  I have faced adversity and deliver life coaching in a non-judgemental way, regardless of the issues being discussed or no matter how humble or magnificent the goals. 


Life-coaching can be combined with massage; hypnotherapy; reiki or mediation or any other combination of therapies. 

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