Massage at The Healing Room includes: Swedish full-body, hot-oil massage; Thai herbal compress massage; Indian head massage; chakra balancing massage; cellulite massage; foot massage; facial massage; percussion massage and hypnotherapy massage. 


Massage is manipulation of the body’s muscle tissue. It is, in my opinion, in this stressful world, a necessity and more beneficial for numerous medical conditions than many pharmaceutical remedies. Certainly, at The Healing Room your massage will be a very deeply relaxing experience.

Massage is a very effective treatment for lowering stress levels. It lowers cortisol levels, ie a hormone released in response to stress. Cortisol releases blood sugar to help us cope with the fight or flight response to stress. If this sugar not used, due to sedentary lifestyles, then this accumulates primarily as abdominal fat. We tense the muscles in our shoulders often without realising we are doing this and also strain muscles sitting for hours in the same position; this tension deprives our muscles of oxygen. 

People experience anxiety and mild depression and often the only treatments are prescribed drugs. Anxieties make our muscles tense and medication and often more importantly side effects can make matters much worse. Constant mental and physical tension can cause severe pain, which can be alleviated by massage. 

Persistent tension can restrict blood circulation and nutrient supplies to the body’s organs and tissues. The fascia that envelops the muscles becomes increasingly dense and negatively affects posture and breathing. The experience of low-grade, habitual tension can contribute to chronic hormonal, biochemical and neurological problems of all kinds. Massage interrupts such stress-inducing patterns, and helps nudge the body back into a natural state of balance. 

Massage is probably essential for completely healthy people who engage in sports. There are very few sportswomen and men who do not use massage as part of their regime. In fact exercising without warming up the muscles is inadvisable. Massage is also popular as part of a good grooming routine as its use supports a cared-for attractive appearance. 

Very few people would not benefit from a good massage. It relaxes, aids sleep, makes us healthier, makes us look healthier, relieves stress, makes us feel more cared for, makes us happier, less tense, less lonely etc., – what’s not to like? 

Massage can be a combination of Thai herbal compress massage, Indian head massage and Swedish massage and also combined with reiki, led-meditations or hypnotherapy. 

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